Concretehead is a team of skateboarders and Constructors who has since 2010 specialized in creating advanced concrete structures, concrete surfaces, and skate parks.

We use all our knowlegde to get the project done.

We are trained by the best skatepark builders from the US who have specialized in the same profession for decades. Our work reflects many years of dedication to skateboarding and Concrete construction .

No projects are too small or too big for our team. We strive to come up with creative solutions for whatever kind of challenges we will have to face, in order to meet the customer and provide the best possible result.


Furthermore the crew behind Concretehead are daily working towards a better skate scene, investing time and resources expanding the DIY Scene around Denmark and in the City of Copenhagen. you can support this case by purchasing any of the products. 10% of the products sales goes straight to DIY projects around the country.

Agervang 6, 4070 Kirke Hyllinge.

Email: info@concretehead.dk.

Phone: Sonny 53 55 63 43, Martin 31 90 78 08

CVR: 38558609

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